Barbara Fleming, a native of Colorado, grew up in a small college town nestled against the foothills in northern Colorado.  She was always interested in history, voraciously reading historical novels and aspiring to major in history in college. When that didn’t work out, she studied English and writing, equally avid interests.

After raising a family of three, she ventured out into the world and worked as a journalist for several years. When she left the newspaper, she became what she had always known, as the daughter of two teachers, she would eventually be—a teacher. Teaching writing and literature, she found her fingers itching to start writing books of her own, and finally, in the 1980s, she got her chance. Her first book, Fort Collins: A Pictorial History, went into two editions (The Donning Company). This helped spur her on to write fiction, which she did off and on for the next two decades or so.  Her efforts bore fruit in 2008 when her historical novel, Journeying, was accepted by Five Star Publishing. 

Journeying is loosely based on the early history of Fort Collins, with some episodes re-crafted as fiction in the novel. Like any active writer, Fleming has more novels in the works, awaiting discovery. She writes a weelkly column of local history, "A Walk Through History," for the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper. She is the author or co-author of Fort Collins: The Mark Miller Photographs, a collection of early images of her hometown (Arcadia Publishing) 2009), Then and Now Fort Collins (Arcadia,  2010),  Legendary Locals of Fort Collins (Arcadia, 2013), Fort Collins: A History (The History Press, 2014) and Images of America: Poudre Canyon (Arcadia, 2015) along with her latest book, Hidden History of Fort Collins (The History Press, 2017). She reads five to seven books a week, plays bridge whenever she can, and participates in a senior-center education program. She lives in Fort Collins with her lively gray cat, Shadow.